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January 15, 2016 Pet

How many times? Until he is adult (8-12 months) he will eat 3 to 4 times a day, then with two times a day will be enough, or three when bigger breeds. But there are some puppies that cannot eat or cannot eat the full meal, in those cases we will leave them the food all day.

How? We must set times and leave the food for no more than 20 minutes, it would be good if he sees how you make his food. Then we will put away his food (we have to leave the water all day) and we will not put it back until it is time for the next meal. That way we make sure he sees who gives him food (that action must be done by all family members). We will do that so he does not get bored of having the food at his disposition all day long.

Where? If he eats with everyone he has to do it after. Never give him food while we are eating if you do not want him asking for your food in the future. If you want to give him something to eat (apples, carrots…), give it to him on a plate after everyone has left the table.


Anso clinicas veterinarias 2016 - created by Helena Batlle

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