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January 15, 2016 Pet

Remember that he is a puppy and he still does not control bladder control, so you will use the mop and cleaning products frequently during the next seven to eight months . However, many puppies are able to control it earlier than that.
It is key to take them to the zone where they can relieve themselves three to four times a day and always after each meal. Twenty minutes after, he will start smelling the floor and make circles around it to find the right place to relieve himself. We have to wait until he does it, and when he is done we must congratulate him with strokes and/or a prize, that way he will associate relieve himself with a big party!
Get him used to manipulation from the first day, touch him his legs, nails, ears, clean his eyes, butt, teeth…, so with time he will get used to manipulation. And if he associates that with something positive (snuggles and prizes) after doing it, he will think it is a game and will wait that moment of the day with happiness and excitement. It is also useful to create a tight relationship with the owner and demonstrate him who is the boss (we always have to end those exercises having achieved our goals, brush/clean him, otherwise we will promote his dominance and he will know what to do to when he wants to be alone, they will cry, and use laments and will try to bite to achieve what they want).
It is important that since the beginning you brush your puppy regularly (it does not matter what kind of hair he has). Hygiene and education are very important
It does not matter if your puppy does not like to take baths or be brushed. HE HAS TO GET USED TO TAKE BATHS AND BE BRUSHED. If not, he might let you touch him only when we wants. If he growls, tries to bite, or he is just scared, it is useful to use a muzzle while bathing and brushing him so he will feel you feel safer and we will strengthen the relationship and hierarchy.


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